L’Oustaou d’Oulivie is situated in the ‘Durancevalley’ just two kilometers from Oraison. In this cozy village, you can do your daily shopping or just enjoy a Pastis on one of the many bars and restaurants. On Tuesday, there is the … En savoir plus ….

Olive Grove

L’Oustaou d’Oulivié is situated in the Durance valley. The triangle of ‘Riez – les Mees – Oraison’, surrounded by corn fields, sunflower and lavander meadows, is the historical area for olive cultivation in the Alpes de Haute Provence region. We … En savoir plus ….

Local Area

Alpes de Haute Provence, in between the mountains and Mediterranean (Sea), is characterized by its picturesque villages, olive trees, lavenel fields, famous artists/painters, great history, blue skies, delicious cuisine and mesmerizing flora and fauna. It is impossible to describe this … En savoir plus ….