Olive Grove

L’Oustaou d’Oulivié is situated in the Durance valley.

The triangle of ‘Riez – les Mees – Oraison’, surrounded by corn fields, sunflower and lavander meadows, is the historical area for olive cultivation in the Alpes de Haute Provence region.

We are very proud of our olive grove. The olive tree – for decades a symbol of happiness, peace and affluence – grows very well in the Mediterranean climate of mild winters and long, warm summers.

The harvest of the olive trees (varieties l’Aglandau, Picholine and Bouteillan) takes place in December.

The extra virgin oil is, after being processed in the nearby mill, available at our boutique Bell’Olio situated at l’Oustaou d’Oulivié.

Thank you Marloes Wolff for this nice video!